U. S. Department of Commerce Polygraph Export Restrictions

"The U.S. Department of Commerce requires an export license for any Polygraph System shipment with an ULTIMATE destination other than: Australia, Japan, New Zealand or any NATO Member Countries excluding the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. It is against U.S. Law to ship a Polygraph System to any other country without an Export License. If the ULTIMATE destination is not one of the above listed countries, contact Lafayette Instrument for the required license application forms."

Lafayette Instrument Company, Inc. will not knowingly allow anyone to ship polygraph equipment to any restricted country without the prior receipt of a proper U.S. Department of Commerce export license. Further, Lafayette Instrument Company personnel will report to the U.S. Department of Commerce Enforcement Division any and all individuals or agencies who may attempt to do so.

Lafayette Instrument Company has also implemented the following requirements to help ensure that our equipment is not illegally exported to any restricted countries and to become more familiar with our customer base. Orders for polygraph systems will not be accepted without first receiving a signed and dated, "U. S. Department of Commerce Polygraph Export Restriction Compliance Form" which requires the name(s) of the examiner(s) who will be using the system.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you or your customers, but Lafayette Instrument Company is committed to compliance with all US export requirements and thus this policy is necessary.

PS 322 Computerized Scoring System for Electronic Polygraph (Japanese Only)

This scoring system is specially designed for use with Model E polygraphs (E 4 and E 5 ), to display physiological responses in real time, which may be printed out simultaneously. It is able to apply POT (Peak of Tension) method.


* Specification may change without notice.

LX3000 SW LX3000 Computer Polygraph System

LX3000 Computer Polygraph System records, stores, and analyzes all physiological changes using Johns Hopkins APL Scoring Algorithm, and reports the probability of the subjectfs truthfulness. The system combines conventional polygraph procedures with sophisticated state-of-the-art computer technology. Charts are recorded in much the same way as conventional polygraph equipment using a right-to-left scrolling display. The tracings are recorded in real time and are truly rectilinear, so charts can be easily interpreted. The system can be operated by mouse/trackball or keyboard.

Spec Contents Computer requirements
Size: 127 x 203 x 44 mm
Weight: 900 g
Pneumo Chest Assembly x 2
GSR Finger Electrode Set x 1
Standard Kovacic Arm Cuff x 1
Adapter Cable x 1

Pump Bulb Assembly x 1

IBM PC 486DX 66MHz or higher, 8MB RAM, 80MB hard drive.
WindowsTM 3.X, Windows 95TM or Windows 98TM.
Standard VGA, Color Monitor  (active matrix display for note books).
TM mouse or compatible pointing device.

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